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How many days per week? Can you be more specific on the types of lifts?


Or, do we just need to make sure we are hitting our whole body every session? I read to Colorado Experiment report and that is not much more specific either. It says something like lifts per session, with emphasis on the negative. I just received the book last night, and I ended up staying up too late reading it I almost slept in for a final. I recently did something like this. Although I only gained about 10lbs of muscle in a month. I quite drinking soda, started drinking water and grape juice instead.

I lifted 4 days a week about 45min at a time and would do cardio type workout 1 other day a week about min. Hey Tim! My question is more oriented towards females. My fiance is on the keto type diet with me, but has the MOST picky appetite ever, and, gets bored easily and wants to quit. What type of workout regimen would you recommend for her, and, what kind of supplements to assist the process? I figure if the diet is half assed, at least the gym can somewhat compensate for it, still with results.

Input in more than appreciated!

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Good job Tim. Although you went from VERY undertrained to well developed, good job.

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Too bad there is no proof of dates for the pix but you seem like an upstanding guy. Great job. Now, are your plans to add another 10 pounds of lean?

Go From Zero To Hero In One Year: The Ultimate Day Muscle-Building Plan! |

Any chance you could lay out the specific exercises that should be done in each half hour session? That would be super helpful. The advice you give is exactly what I found after researching for a few years. You were already in great shape and very fit before you started. If you are totally out of shape, start slow, minute workouts, get some cardio, and work your way up to 30 minutes.

I would love to hear more about the types of lifts you used! As Nathan noted, the Colorado Experiment is a bit thin on the details. Or is that the whole thing — no other exercise for total recovery? Slow repetitions compromise explosiveness and speed. Though I think this is more of an issue with volume training than the one set to failure recommendation here. And puffed up muscles are usually the goal of people lifting weights, anyway.

Did your bodyweight increase faster than your strength? Is there a better link? But yeah, the basic point that intensity and peak effort, not volume of training, drive performance gains is valid. Read about Tabata Intervals.

I tried your diet plan for one week and lost 10 pounds Monday morning to Saturday morning , but gained back a lot on Saturday, and it seems to be coming off kinda slow. I wonder if I am doing something wrong there. But can you provide a little more detail about exactly what you do and what weights are appropriate? Does it mean do one type of exercise as long as you can, no matter what the weight? Or do the maximum weight that you know you can do for however many reps you can?

In that article, it talks about doing an exercise to strengthen triceps to failure, then doing another exercise that also uses triceps so your tris can go past failure. What exercises did you do to get to failure and what did you do to go beyond the failure point? If you could tell me the exercises you did, it would help me get a better idea of what exercises are best for flexibility and to push someone past failure.

If you could just list what a typical workout for you includes what exercises , that would help me and other readers out a lot. Or is it not really required?

The only formula for weight gain is Calories consumed minus calories burned. Unless, of course, you are saying they simultaneously lost pounds of fat. Awesome results! This post has motivated me into doing something like this. I just started to prepare and write my stats down.

I weigh a whole lbs. I know with the gain of 34 lbs of muscle it obviously changes the body. However the eyes in the before and after picture appear different. The eyes in the after picture appear to be deeper set than the before. No offensive is meant by this at all. Years ago I read about the Colorado Experiment in Dr. Perhaps 30 minutes a day seems like far too little training after hearing almost every other bodybuilder boast about working out 2 hours a day for 6 days a week. And you went one step better by including dieting instructions as well.

I appreciate the info. One question: why did you decide to workout only a couple days a week, instead of every other day as Jones and Viator did? Just curious.

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Keep up the great work with the posts! Can I ask about performance improvements, i. I second the request for more specific breakdowns on the types of exercises in your routine s …. Seems like order and combination is important? Did you carry the same routine each day you went? He worked with Arthur Miller and was involved with a lot of his experiments. It goes over workout plans in more detail, but it really boils down to just what Tim says in point 3 above.

But they are quick to point that out in the study also. Good tips on the emailing. How has this training regime and results affected you in terms of your cardiovascular health? From what I read, you mainly concentrated on building bulk through weight lifting.

The Best Upper-Body Workout

From where you were before you started training to where you ended up at, did you notice improvement in the area of cardiovascular ability or a reduction? Quick question: How many reps do you find you are doing in each set? I know this will vary from person to person, but generally what is the range. I did some dumbelling and used a weight that was high enough to fail my muscles after about repetitions.

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Is that about right? Where do the other 4 hours go? Seeing this has me motivated again. I should be able to cram in 30 in a day, even if it is in my lunch break. Also, at what point in those 28 days did you decide to wax your body? Great blog! Me and a friend are going to start training like this for the next two months.