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The susbcription was successfully. Thank you! Please wait Description: Ken shares his 20 years of experience working in Government with the objective of improving its performance. He starts establishing the need of understanding how the "managers" of Government actually work, if we are to improve their performance.

Ken shows how they do not see the overall system, as managers in the private sector do.

As such, the things that we take for granted when talking about improvement, are not applicable to Government. After clearly explaining the problem, he shows how the concept of flow provides the direction of the solution, as the means to significantly increase the capacity of Government in an order of magnitude.

He explains the source of disfunctionality in Government and how removing it enables implementation of the solution. Send by email or. URL: Embed :. Introductory Intermediate Advanced. Language: English.

Extreme Government Makeover

Yes, I have registered before. Forgot your login information? Click here. It sends an email to notify us, and we can manage it with a computer. You have to do business that way, and the same goes with many of the functions of our buildings. We have remote access to our air conditioning units. And so we not only manage the facility but also the utilities and the costs.

JT: My leadership philosophy is pretty simple, in fact, my team made fun of me.

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They conducted a 10 year anniversary for me this past summer. What I expressed to him then is still who I am today. Foolishly, I tried to get through my parks, which took about one and a half years. We went through every park, riding most Tuesdays in the afternoons. We conducted a lot of visits and we thanked people for doing their job. So my leadership style is about discovering why you do what you do. I just want to know why my employees do what they do and how they do it. It may be a dumpster or even a foosball table. I look around and I see a multitude of things I want, but you have to ask the person doing the job, what it would take for them be successful.

As a part of my leadership style, I do not like phone calls.

Faster, Better, Cheaper: Improving the Recruitment Process One Step at a Time

Part of the reason for that is so that I can resend the email later and ask for a status update. The flipside is that I am demanding, and I hold people accountable. My team will tell you that I have my own quirks and I deal very closely with our landscape architects, which I moved out of this department and into the General Services Department. And that was done to gain control of the projects, which improves the way we do business.

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  • Both the previous director and current director of the General Services Department, Scott Minnix, permitted me to deal with that team closely, and we meet every other week to review every project. I want to know why the project is taking so long and what the issues are. That skill comes from my previous world of building and developing restaurants. What has been the greatest challenge you have faced in your career to date and how did that experience change or positively impact your career trajectory? I have my own team. I detest the word executive. Instead, we use the word team.

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    We hold monthly meetings where they are welcome to invite whomever they please. It exposes me to the second and third level of management that I seldom connect with. I enjoy that because they get the opportunity to hear the messages of our department directly from me. MMJ: Tell me about a time you realized you had the power to do something meaningful. JT: I always knew as a restaurant manager that I had the power.

    In the restaurant industry, you can be successful with a degree or without one. Everybody can affect somebody.

    Extreme Government Makeover Increasing Our Capacity to Do More Good - AbeBooks

    My team that maintains our parks is our image. We are gauged by grass and trash and the overall appearance of our parks, and by the services we provide and our centers. During the big layoff in , I cut all the way through my employee chain, even my staff, because I needed the best team that are providing the best services to allow us to function as a department, and successfully manage our brand.

    Every year, I create my annual budget; and our department is always the last one to present. Last year, I was reminded by Council-member Stephen C. We just manage the minutiae. JT: What we do is all about partnerships. I work very closely with Dr. The three of us purposefully collaborate on many projects. We share several facilities and all three of us have the same customers. JT: I am a coffee fiend and I love sweets, especially Starburst! We worked with the Mars family in my previous world, so we had candy galore.

    Another one of my pleasures is enjoying my two active grandsons. The little one told me the other day that I was silly, so I own that as my claim to fame! Pictured l-r. The panel discussion, which was complimentary and open to all City of Houston employees, took place Tuesday May 19, at p. All panelists stressed the importance of providing employees opportunities to develop their knowledge and skill, and agreed that a strong support network is critical to the success of every employee. If you make the mistake of hiring the wrong person for the job, own up to your mistake and rectify it immediately.

    Do not leave someone in a position where they don't belong," said Director Diaz. Taking the floor, Director Hayes noted the importance of this discussion, particularly peer-to-peer introductions, and the identification of skill sets. Assistant Director Sonberg, offered solutions to mitigating barriers to success. For example, at the introduction of new technology and the re-engineering of a position.

    These are times when training and education are necessary to keep an individual successful. Nevertheless, consider whether or not changes to the scope of work require a reclassification. Perhaps, it is pervasive to the industry," said Ms. Executive Recruiter Julie Landry, highlighted a number of factors that should be considered as a part of the decision making process, addressing: recruiting standards, interviewing methods, onboarding and cultural acclimation. The closing remarks were delivered by Jane E.

    Extreme government makeover: Time to remodel!

    Cheeks, Deputy Director Chief of HR Operations of the Human Resources Department, who encouraged participants to develop their people, look inward and give their employees every opportunity to succeed. The Learning and Development Center LDC is a strategic development and employee performance improvement organization that offers comprehensive training solutions that significantly affect performance and institutional outcomes.

    CAPS is a citywide, middle management multi-track program consisting of 18 sessions designed to assist supervisor competencies in managing various circumstances regarding employee workday considerations and performance.