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Gandhi, who addressed election rallies in Aurad, Bhaki, Humnabad and Bidar, slammed Modi for personal attacks against him. I would tell you about Modi's character He will talk ill of a person, will talk wrong of a person. That is the difference between me and him," Gandhi said. Gandhi, however, said whether the attacks on him were right or wrong, he would not make any personal attack on Modi because he was the prime minister. But I will ask questions. I am a soldier of the Congress not an RSS man who spreads hatred. How will he tackle unemployment which is highest in eight years?

But he will not answer these questions. Since he has nothing to talk about farmers, unemployment, corruption and women's safety, he speaks about me and Mallikarjun Kharge ," he said. You have fielded the entire gang of Gabbar Singh. You are trying to get them inducted into Assembly, and you tell the country that you are fighting against corruption," he said. Gandhi said Modi can criticise him as much as he wants, but must answer his questions. Yes or no.

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Nirav Modi ran off with Rs 30, crore. What have you done on that front? Why was your mouth shut? The Aircraft which was to cost Rs crore, you bought for Rs crore. You snatched jobs from youths, and while doing this you gave the contract to your friend. You don't talk about this too," he said.

He also referred to the rape and murder of an eight- year-old girl in Jammu and Kashmir and another such incident in Uttar Pradesh. Girls are being raped in Kashmir What we do need is a determination to become great and the vision to use our resources in the best way possible. Corporate leaders, motivational speakers, educationalists, athletes and people belonging to all walks of life promote and propagate the prominence of being hopeful at all times.

Even in adversity, one should have hope that we will find a way out of our problems and reach success. Moreover, such leaders also instil in us, through their actions, that courage can transform our lives. Courage leads you to prepare for a tough exam, courage makes you give a good class presentation; courage helps you learn and ride a two-wheel bicycle, courage enables a teenager to rise up against bullies and courage helps us focus on our strengths and reduce our doubts and fears.

Furthermore, Quaid-i-Azam, in this quotation has talked about confidence, which is self-assurance and knowing yourself. Individuals working in every field of life and profession need confidence, giving them the power to believe in themselves and in their abilities. We all must strive for excellence when studying in school, college, and university.

We must endeavour to achieve professional superiority when we begin our professional lives — as employees or entrepreneurs.

A brief history of battle royale

However, it is in our daily effort to become great that will have a collective impact on the nation. When we attempt to follow rules, obey our elders, live a simple and purposeful life, then we will eventually make Pakistan a great country. It is in our individual efforts to become great as students and professionals that will facilitate Pakistan progress and prosper. Let us vow to follow the golden words of wisdom of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and make Pakistan better, stronger and more prosperous than before.

Pakistan Day: Quaid-i-Azam’s words are wisdom for all! - Newspaper -

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar March 24, Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Read more. On DawnNews. Without the use of the cartwheel or metal tools, they built massive stone structures. They were accomplished scientists.

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They tracked a solar year of days and one of the few surviving ancient Maya books contains tables of eclipses. From observatories, like the one at Chichen Itza, they tracked the progress of the war star, Mars. F Bali has been a surfing hotspot since the early 20th century, and continues to attract surfers from all over the world. G Base jumping is an extreme sport, one which only very adventurous travelers enjoy. Some base jumpers leap off bridges, others off buildings and the most extreme off cliffs in Norway.

During the annual Bridge Day, hundreds of jumpers can go off the bridge legally. Thousands of spectators show up to watch. But most bikers choose to pedal for the sheer joy of it. Just imagine riding up a beautiful mountain road, going to the very top, hearing birds singing in the treetops, and enjoying a well-earned and glorious downhill run.

B The most important thing to do before you go for a long ride is to learn which tools to bring for basic repair work, such as patching a flat. Even if you never ride at night, you should bring a back light for long and unavoidable tunnels. Always wear a helmet as well as biking gloves to guard against unsightly road rash. Beware of the silent biker who might be right behind you, and use hand signals before stopping or turning.

Stay off the freeways; smaller roads are nicer for biking, anyway.

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Keep your bike inside whenever possible. At hostels, ask if there is a locked bike room, and, if not, ask for a place to put your bike inside overnight. E The most rewarding aspect of bicycling in Europe is having the chance to get to know and communicate with new people. Europeans love bicycles, and they are often genuinely impressed when they see a tourist who rejects the view from a tour-bus window in favor of riding through their country on two wheels.

Your bike provides an instant topic for conversation, the perfect bridge over cultural and language barriers. For example, a bike in a blue circle indicates a bike route and this sign will get you through even some of the most complicated highway interchanges. A bike in a red circle indicates that bikes are not allowed. G Not all tourists use their bikes for long-distance European trips. For example, you can take the train from Paris to Amsterdam, and then use your bike for a few days to get around the city and out to the tulip fields and windmills. In many countries, especially France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands, train stations offer bikes with very easy rental plans making it possible to pick them up in one place and drop them off somewhere else.

A In early societies people developed barter as a form of proto-money, when they used the things that everyone agreed to accept in trade. Various items have been used by different societies at different times. Thus, for example, Aztecs used cacao beans, Norwegians used butter, the early U. On the island of Nauru, the islanders even used rats for this purpose.

B The first coins were made in the Kingdom of Lydia, located on the territory of Turkey in the 7th century B. The Lydians used weighed lumps of metal and stamped them with pictures to confirm their weight the shape of the coins was unimportant. In fact, the stamp on the coin was a seal that identified the person who had guaranteed the weight of that coin. C The well-known dollar sign has various explanations. It was widely used even before the adoption of the United States dollar in Designed for use by the UK government only, the notes were canceled after just a few months, allowing very few to escape into private hands.

It was created by the government of the Philippines in to celebrate a century of independence from Spanish rule. F American Indians used to have strings of clamshells, which they called wampum and used as money. The process to make wampum was very labor intensive, which increased their value among the European traders. However, the Dutch colonists began to manufacture wampum themselves and eventually became the primary source of wampum, thereby destroying the system which had functioned for centuries. G Why are U. No one is really sure. However, in , when the Bureau of Printing and Engraving began making smaller size currency, green continued to be used because its pigment was readily available in large quantities.

Green is also relatively high in its resistance to chemical and physical changes, and it has been psychologically identified with the strong and stable credit of the government. What do you do? The good conversationalist would choose to walk up to someone and introduce yourself. We all know people like that — people who can talk to anyone about anything. How do they do it? Well, the good news is that there is no great secret to small talk. There are just some simple techniques that anyone can use to start a conversation and keep it going. While they are talking their inner thought appear in sutitle on the screen.

Thoughts like these kill a conversation. Just relax and be yourself. When you talk to someone you show that you are interested in them.