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But I am a city girl. And what can I offer these people with my lyrics and stage show?? Feathers galore.

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We play our show and people danced and we put on what I thought was a good show, sold some cds to some really nice people and then finally made my way through the mud back to my tent. The guys were back there looking worried, as they had been pulled aside and abused by a couple women about how offensive my headpiece was and that I should be ashamed of myself!!!!

The headpiece for me is just artwork, and I happen to adore the artwork of the native indians, I certainly dont ever want to offend anyone.

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Thats for sure! I headed to bed around 1am. I slept solid from am. Only to wake from out of tune guitars being played around the grounds… and then to top it off out came the flute!! Yes, the flute came out past 6am!!! This just did it for me. At 7am with tears flowing just wanting to be at home in my own bed I crawled into the back seat of my van and tried again to sleep.

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I think I got in one hour before the noise started up again and the dogs all started howling. Having had no showers and having held in my toileting needs for hours… we left. So, we find a diner and order a big brekkie and a super strong coffee, and I go to the washrooms and wash my hands and face over and over again — wiping away the mud and sweat of the night before!! Getting to our hotel rooms in Edmonton was so exciting. Getting in the shower and feeling clean and washing the mud off our shoes felt amazing! The show that we had been excited about in Edmonton ended up one of my favourite shows.

Through our tiredness we managed to play a beautiful set of music and the small crowd made up for their size with their appreciation. Next day was another type of fest — an out door street fest. It was fun and a lovely crowd! We were treated so well again and decided to continue with the beer drinking.. We really are very lucky with some of our experiences while on tour. Next day was a day off! Off to Calgary — six hour drive, then a relax down by the lake with Mike and his folks.

And a decent night sleep. It was just what the doctor ordered. Yesterday Tue we drove five or six hours through the rocky mountains to a gorgeous lil town called Revelstoke. We played another outdoor street fest and it was really great.

How common is bed wetting (enuresis) in children?

We are staying at one of Mikes friends houses- Travis. What a lovely guy — just lets four strangers and all our gear in to his house — he literally gave us the address and left the door unlocked. We find this a lot — people just opening their houses to us. Its quite amazing really? Would I do the same at home to a bunch of band people I had never met before??

Maybe these people expect a crazy band experience that they can talk about for years to come, and we must disappoint over and over again with how lame we are. We generally drink tea and go to bed way earlier than expected. Really really wild.

Today was gorgeous. A sleep in. Then some food.

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Then a drive up Mount Revelstoke. The van struggled a lil, but we made it to the top. We went for a walk in the wilderness, but the streams and lakes. It was really peaceful and so good to not be in the car, in a hotel room or on stage. Only not so nice part of the day was being eaten alive by huge mossies. On the way back down we saw a baby.

Only a quick look at him, but still so exciting. He was super cute. Joel was pretty excited to have his first bear experience — it is his third tour over here, without one single sighting. Tomorrow we are off to Banff. We have three more shows to go on this first stint of the tour. From here we will hit a few more national parks, have a night in a hotel in Vegas, then head to San Fran for four nights…cant wait to be back there.

From here we have nights of Portland and Seattle until we hit Vancouver. Then I start another tour. The band will join me again we we will drive a shitload and play 8 or 9 shows in 10 days, including Canmore, Fernie, Revelstoke, Armstrong, Nelson and a cool festival on the coast.

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Then, home time. Anyways, thats the update. A little longer than I had expected. SO far so good. Exhausted, but alive and excited to be doing what we do. The guys are lovely and easy to be around. We chill around each other, have great chats and some good laughs. So, this is what you need on any tour. It is what makes or breaks the tour. On this last tour, we did our third show at De Barg in a little village in Holland called Boskoop. Even a lot of people living in Holland have not heard of this village.

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But we somehow stumbled upon it, and the owners and the audience have simply welcomed us with huge open arms. And I am feeling really thankful. To watch an entire crowd of people clap along to your songs with huge grins, stamping their feet and singing along, well nothing can describe how happy this makes me.

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And proud. Proud to know that I have written some great songs, that I have managed to work so hard, and proud that I work alongside some wonderful people. I now have a steady band in Europe and also one in Canada, and of course my band here in Australia. This makes life so interesting as every single member has a different personality and something new and different to add to the music. Every one of them is unique in their own ways. And everyone of them make a commitment to my music which makes me feel lucky.

Again I have finished another major international tour consisting of 30 shows. To see my Dutch guys again was wonderful. Tom on the double bass and Josse on the drums. I arrived at the Amsterdam airport after a long trip and there they were, dressed to the nines in full suits — just to make me smile. More smiles. This trip we were joined by the rather awesome Frank Ensink Op Kemna on saxophone.

Frank is a man who can easily make you laugh.