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For example, an AR app can show the customers how the product will look on them. All it takes is selecting the item, and the app will superimpose it on the camera view to help customers make a better purchasing decision. Retailers can use AR apps to create such an emotional connection with customers and make shopping more exciting to drive sales.

AR is on its way to becoming an essential part of customer experience in retails. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! Retailer American Apparel has been using an AR app for some years and their app shows the simple functionality that users can get from the technology. Using the app , users can see how items can look in other colours, can match up as part of an outfit and can see reviews of individual items. Customers can also place orders or gift the items to friends. The app allows users see how products look on them before they buy.

From there, they able to order the products or ask their friends which products are best. We want to make buying lipstick more fun than ever, and maybe a little addictive. Paint company Dulux has attempted to solve an age-old problem with its app — that of paint tester pots. Its Visualiser app allows users point their cameras at a wall and see how individual colours will look on their walls. The app reads wall edges and puts whatever colour a user desires on the wall.

Augmented Reality Closing Sales

Of course, not all examples of AR in retail are limited to apps. Thanks to new technologies like augmented reality, 3D rendering and computer vision, the furniture industry is finally having its online moment. And this is just the beginning of the furniture-tech wave. Customers can see an augmented reality view of their room and drop in full sets of furniture for consideration. The home furnishing business deals with a lot of expensive products that are hard to imagine in your space.

We see this as a wonderful shopping tool that will enhance the shopping experience by enabling consumers to visualize the products in their own homes.

WarBot - increase your SALES with Augmented Reality!

Prior to developing the AR experience for Pottery Barn and long before the recent acquisition , WSI used Outward to generate photorealistic renderings of their products, which they used to replace some of the photography across the WSI brands. Gap also plans to bring the fitting rooms home with its DressingRoom by Gap app. And Converse has already done so with its Sampler mobile app , which lets shoppers virtually try shoes on at home, easily sharing the pictures to get purchase validation from friends. The cosmetics and beauty sector is also perfect for this AR execution.

With it, shoppers can virtually put makeup on images of their face.

Augmented Reality Retail: 5 examples of monetising your retail proposition using AR

Like in real life, users can blend or mix and match different products to create their desired cosmetic look. Sephora is also entering the arena of AR-powered cosmetic experiences. Some brands have gone as far as to incorporate AR into the actual product, enhancing not only the shopping experience but the overall brand experience too. For example, Adidas launched a line of sneakers that unlocked an AR for customers at home. Customers would then find themselves in a virtual world which they could navigate through using their sneaker as a controller. Children would color on paper, and then their drawings would come to life on a tablet through AR.

Incorporating AR into your product may require more capital due to the research and development and investment in stock.

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It may be a good idea to test the waters with a smaller AR initiative to make sure it resonates with your target market. Some retailers have taken a more out-of-the-box approach to AR, using the technology to build buzz and brand awareness.

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Outdoor gear brand Moosejaw introduced the technology for customers to use at home, in conjunction with their printed catalogs. As you might imagine, the app was rather controversial: It allowed customers to scan the catalog images and see an X-ray image of models in their undergarments. With geolocation and AR, Airwalk created a virtual pop-up shop to promote the limited-edition relaunch of the Airwalk Jim.

Shoppers would download the AR app through which they would learn the location of the pop-up. Which retail brands have you seen incorporate AR into their customer experiences? Which tactics would you like to try for your store? AR is becoming more of a mainstay piece of technology for retailers, as you can see from many of the inspirational examples above.

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