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The saw must be running when you do this. Turn the screw slightly counterclockwise if the engine starts to sputter. You may notice that in addition to the chain not stopping the chainsaw has other symptoms, such as smoking and the engine racing, which can be caused by a rich fuel mixture. Achieving better performance from the chainsaw may be possible by adjusting its low-speed carburetor screw -- usually marked "L" or "LA" -- to create a slightly leaner fuel mixture.

In order to do that, warm up the chainsaw's engine, and then, with the engine running, turn the low-speed carburetor screw clockwise one-quarter turn or less.

A dirty air filter also can be responsible for an overly rich fuel mixture. Take out the air filter, and, if it's salvageable, clean it with compressed air or by washing it with soapy water.

Otherwise, replace the air filter. If the chainsaw's performance doesn't seem to be an issue, you can narrow the possible causes of the chain's problem to one: the clutch. A chainsaw is equipped with a centrifugal clutch, which is designed to engage the chain sprocket and the motor only when the throttle is engaged. The centrifugal force generated when the engine spins forces the clutch shoes out to contact the clutch drum; when the engine stops, a set of springs retracts the shoes.

When the clutch doesn't retract, the chain continues to spin, and the cause is either that the shoes are stuck or the springs are broken.

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The process of servicing the clutch requires the removal of the chain sprocket, which can be tricky because the screw holding it is in its center, and the screw can't be turned without turning the sprocket. Phone turned off while i was using my phone.

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Well then it was okay but at night while i was charging my phone, it once again turned off. It turned even worser.

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Why Does My Chainsaw Chain Keep Turning?

Phone couldnt get on, it turned off everytime i tried to turn it on. I am verry pissed about that, because i need count with this phone and be able to know i can call whenever i need. Does anyone have same problem? Or any advice how to solve this problem? I have really bad experience with Sony Xperia M2 when i sent my phone for repair and after that, the phone was dead.. My phone detection says that software and battery are okay.

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So I have really no clue how to solve this. Please let me know if somone ever experience this or have any idea what it can be. Your issue seems very random and might have many factors that can cause it, so try these troubleshooting steps one by one and take your time to test:. If the problem disappears then at least one of them is defective. This can be the most common cause for random restarts.

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If the problem disappears then one of your apps is causing this and you'll need to figure out which one by uninstalling the most recently installed apps one by one. This will do a clean installation of the latest firmware and will also wipe your internal memory. Usually, the best way to fix this is to lean forward when you ollie—toward the nose of your board. Make sure that you keep your momentum going in the direction you are skating, and that should cut down spinning.

If that doesn't fix the problem, check and make sure that your shoulders are square as possible, and that they are over your board instead of hunched way over. You can also shift your foot placement on the tail around a little, and when you pop, make sure you pop straight down and aren't pushing or pulling the board at all. And that's about it—if these things don't help, then try tweaking other things a little bit.