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  • It's extreme masculinity – not love or despair – that drives a father to kill his children.
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Investors, policy makers and countries face a messy breakup with vast financial, economic and political implications. The referendum hinged in part on youth turnout, and the government even tried to lower the voting age for the referendum to 16 from It failed, but the Remain campaign still pushed to register young voters, with some success: The deadline to register was extended by two days after a voter-registration website crashed because it was overwhelmed by visitors. The opposition Labour Party, which supported remaining in the bloc, also reached out to young voters.

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More than one million people between 18 and 34 registered in recent months, the most ever for a British election, according to Bite the Ballot and HOPE Not Hate , which encourage young people to vote. Turnout for the referendum, at around 72 percent, was the highest for any national election in Britain since In Edinburgh, a university city with a strongly pro-European bent, Robert Jack, a year-old student at the University of Glasgow , was reeling from the decision.

Of course, many young people supported the push to rid themselves of Europe. Ben Kew, 21, said he spent 30 hours at the Leave headquarters, watching the results come in. But many young voters wondered what would happen to European Union funding for research and sciences.

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  8. British universities currently receive about 16 percent of their research money and staff members from the European Union. Some high-school students expressed dismay as well.


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    But many young people said they thought the decision would only set back their prospects. They came from schoolchildren asking the president to assess their homework and single mums trying to pay the rent. They came from millionaires and bankrupts, from professors and prison inmates. There are letters of hardships and illnesses overcome, and those that tell of long lives with no happy ending, stories of modern America in a side of handwritten foolscap.

    Quite a few are powerfully moving in their hope, as well as their desperation. These were considered emergencies: letters from people who expressed a desire to kill themselves or someone else.

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    About letters a day were red-dotted, their senders immediately contacted. The tone and courtesy of that engagement — the president clearly made sure he read between the lines of the chosen letters, and found ways to establish careful empathy — stands as a beacon of humble leadership, as does the dedication that Obama inspired in the mail-room team that made the correspondence possible.

    There are plenty of ways to counter that argument, but one is that writing a letter is itself a deed, an action, requiring a degree of dedication and thought, a capacity to listen, in the way that firing off an exclamatory tweet never is.

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