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Buy sheet music books Pleyel, Ignace Joseph. Ignace Joseph Pleyel - Ignaz Pleyel June 18, ? November 14, was an Austrian composer of the Classical music era.

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Pleyel is one instance of the phenomenon of a composer others include Cherubini, Meyerbeer, and Thalberg who was very famous in his own time but presently obscure. According to some, during the brief period between Joseph Haydn's prime and the rise to fame of Beethoven, Pleyel was the most celebrated composer in Europe.

His fame even reached the then-remote musical regions of America: there was a Pleyel Society on the island of Nantucket off the coast of Massachusetts, and tunes by Pleyel m ade their way into the then-popular shape note hymnals.

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Pleyel is in fact the only classical composer represented in the principal modern descendant of these books, The Sacred Harp. Like his teacher Haydn, Pleyel was prolific, composing 41 symphonies, 70 string quartets and several string quintets and operas. Many of these works date from the Strasbourg period; Pleyel's production tailed off after he had become a businessman. Recent scholarship has suggested that the theme for the Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn, by Johannes Brahms, opus 56a, was probably composed not by Haydn but by Ignaz Pleyel.

Pleyel continues to be known today a composer of didactic music: generations of beginning violin and flute students, for example, learn to play the numerous duets he wrote for those instruments.

6 Duos Op 48 2 Violons - Ignaz Joseph Pleyel

Text source : Wikipedia Hide extended text Read all. More information. Skills Define one or more skills -- Followers members follow this artist Melissa Melissa Flores musicalprincess No need to try this one. This is an edition of a trio for three violins. Parts for the first and second flute. The third has to play from score, but this works well, as the whole score is only one double page. Suite - Amerikanische Suite op.

This man does magic with melodies. Originally for piano, written in Zwei Walzer op. Originally for piano, composed in The premiere was played in with a string quartet. Humoresque op. Good readible print, extra small pocket score, alltogether in a stable folder, labeled by a sticker.

Wieniawski, Henryk op.18 for 2 violins part 1,2,3,4

Clever system for a small publisher, which leads to cheap editions of good quality. One of eight humoresques for piano, written in , transcribed for woodwind quintet. But the music is really fine. Probably member of the bookshelf of any "serious" flutist. Scales, arpeggios and intervals in countless variations, to be practiced preferably by heart.

A niece piece for collectors. The text passages are completely in French, German and English. The second part starts with the Daily mechanic Excercises, which are also published separately. They are followed by 24 progressive etudes in all keys, the next are twelve etudes of virtuosity. Next comes a chapter about stilistic things, one about cadencas and some repertoire pieces and orchestral passages. All movements with metronome numbers. I liked this one very much. The parts have to be cut in two or you need to make illegal copies.

Quintett B-Dur flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano M. Belaieff , Rating: mid-grade Allegro con brio Andante Rondo Allegretto My edition is a quite old one and no longer available. The new Belaieff edition has only the parts, no score. There are hints for special fingerings. Much of the music is in high register to come near the violin sound. You will have to practise this Faure, Gabriel - Berceuse op. As one might expect of a piece written originally for the oboe, it is in the lower register.

Fantaisie op. Most pieces are really beautiful. It looks like copies, collected in a plastic cover. Sometimes the prints inside stick to the cover. Not the best idea, I think. Sicilienne op. Cheap but not very robust and in a plastic cover. Sonate op. Piece a-moll flute, piano Alphonse Leduc , A. At each of the three times the page has to be turned, third flute has a break to do it.

Berceuse C-Dur 3 flutes B. Klughardt, August - Quintett op. He also included an introduction with hints for practising the etudes. Drei Miniaturen op. Valse B-Dur flute, piano Durand S.

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Edition s Musicales , D. The last movement is possibly the best known. Suite op. Progressive Duette - Heft 2: 15 schwerere Duette op. Seems to be no longer available. Highly romantic, harmonically demanding with lots of suspensions and passing notes, very atmospheric. Due to five b flats not so easy to play but only one page of music. The edition for quintet and piano was done by D'Indy himself. Chanson et Danses op. Perhaps a newer edition is not that big format. Unfortunately without score Suite en parties op. About the years in this choir the music is written. The idea for writing this music was given during a visit in Sanssoucic there the images of Frederic the Great lead to an association with military structures and piccolo flutes Humperdinck, Engelbert - There are no additional informations about the composer oder the opus.

But is an absolutely great cost-performance-ratio. I think that is a really good line for a edition to publish easy works for beginners.