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An easy way to think of this is to remember ABC: Admit your sin and come to Christ in true humility and need. Believe that Jesus is the resurrected Son of God and trust that He alone can save you from the deadly consequences of sin.


Confess your faith, as Scripture tells us if we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in our heart that God has raised Him from the dead, we will be saved. We are ultimately called to believe and we will be saved! Mediate on these questions until the answers are firmly fixed in your heart. The more you seek God, the clearer these answers will be for you. It's hard to admit shortcomings in any aspect of our What am I doing here?

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Which is the great commandment in the law? Who is my neighbor? If salt loses its flavor, how should the earth be seasoned? Why has God brought me out of Egypt to die in the wilderness?

Did you get it?

What must I do to be saved? Recommended For You. Read More. But, yes, that is a discipline that requires you to commit to doing it. Do you find that hard to believe? Like how would I better understand that if it just had been Eve that bit the apple would we still be in a fallen —. We can assume that there was some measure of responsibility which Adam should have taken on behalf of Eve to give her some protection and some covering from the serpent, because the apostle says Adam was not deceived, she was deceived.

He acted for the race, just as Christ acted for the redeemed race. So God identified Adam as the head, the representative of humanity and the representative of Eve. And so it was the sin of Adam that marks the fall, as it is the righteousness of Christ that marks the rescue. God is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of the man, and the man is the head of the woman, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians. And at that time I dismissed it, you know, because of I had a different view.

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But then I heard it from you from one of your sermons, and I cannot dismiss what I heard. And He created with perfect knowledge, with perfect knowledge, and He created for His own redemptive purpose. He created so that He could bring a redeemed people to heaven as a bride for His Son, and so that He would have redeemed humanity in heaven to show the angels attributes that the angels would never have seen, because salvation was never extended to angels; so they would never have seen His mercy, grace, His forgiveness, His salvation.

So God created the universe. So He created it to fulfill His will. However, at no point in Scripture does God say that mankind is not responsible for his behavior. In fact, God holds sinners responsible. But I do know this: God is holy, and God does not create people for hell; He sends them there when they reject Him. So there is human responsibility and human volition in the middle of this. Does God know?

Of course, He knows. God always does exactly what He wants to do. Nobody tells God what to do, nobody has told Him what to do. Nobody gave Him advice, no one gives Him counsel. Nobody says anything to God. Nobody gives Him any information, nobody prompts Him, nobody motivates Him; He does exactly what He chooses to do as the infinite Sovereign. And if so, what are they? And the false church has a weak view of Scripture; therefore, it has a weak view of the gospel.

It wants to have some reason to exist. It wants to make a difference in the world, so it turns to social issues. Now this is exactly what we see in our own country. Go back to the couple hundred years ago — in fact, back to the beginning of the twentieth century, and you can see it even before that at the end of the eighteenth century — liberalism began to flourish. It came from Europe and it began to flourish in the United States, and it basically destroyed all the convictions of all the seminaries.

And in wanting to believe the best about mankind, that mankind was basically good, and wanting to win the favor of the world, they began to turn toward what we call the social gospel. And so they began to do philanthropic work, they began to care for people. And as a result of that, the main line denominations in America that had such historic beginnings around creeds and doctrinal statements began to die out. Episcopal church, Methodist church, Presbyterian church, American Baptist denomination — those were all denominations that basically followed the pathway.

You weaken the view of Scripture. And then you take the offense out, and then you try to help people in their physical needs, or whatever. So that was the path of the social gospel. And the youth culture of the world was pulling apart from the adult culture. So it was very highly defined. And if they were going to reach this young generation, they were going to have to make some adjustments.

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And now the world is never going to be content with just the style change, they want the message to change because it offends them. In fact, I might recommend to you that you check out a website that Ligonier Ministries put together, R. You will be shocked to see 78 percent of Christian evangelicals in America believe Jesus was created by God, 78 percent of evangelicals believe Jesus was created by God.

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That is an Arian heresy. They want to make a place for homosexuality, sex before marriage. But this is what happens when you begin to chase the world and you give the world the message the world wants to hear. Then they want you to get into their world and their message. That particular survey will be shocking to many people.

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In all honesty, not only are individuals doing this, individual pastors doing this, but whole denominations are doing this. So, again, I go back to what I said at the beginning. We believe that we are to live in this world in such a way that we make a difference in society. If you put that alongside or in front of the gospel, you destroy the gospel, the church loses its mission.

What kind of church is it that believes Jesus is a created being? Very serious. JOHN: Sure. For His glory. The question comes up a lot: If God is a God of love and mercy and compassion, and He knows people are going to go to hell, why does He continue to create them, right? The answer to that is simply this: God is who He is. You can either believe in Him or not believe in Him. But God does ask me to believe in Him. And when He says He is holy and when He says He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, that that is a true expression of God. Was it all the Holy Spirit?

Was it a hundred percent Paul? Was it a hundred percent the Holy Spirit? You have the same dilemma in everything. God finds no pleasure in the death of the wicked.